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Bruno Ottorino

Dipartimento di Sistemi Elettrici e Automazione
Facoltà di Ingegneria, Università di Pisa
Via Diotisalvi, 2
+39 050 2217314
+39 050 2217333

Personal Information

Since 1970 he joined the Electrical Machines research group of University of Pisa as a Research Assistant in the Electrical Machines Design field. In 1980 he was appointed as Associate Professor at the same University, teaching initially the Electrical Machines Regulation graduate course and then the Electric Propulsion graduate course.

From 1992, he is Responsible for the joined activities developed in the framework of the Cooperation Agreement between University of Pisa and the Florence R&D Section of Italian Railways. He is currently a Full Professor at University of Pisa in the Electric Machines, Power Electronics and Electrical Drives sector and Head of Department of Electrical Systems and Automation (DSEA)

Research Interests

His research interests include pantograph-catenary interactions for high-speed trains and modelling, design and control of both conventional and innovative electric machines, such as induction motors with double stator winding sets and linear induction machines employed as auxiliary devices for railway bogies.