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Tarun Huria, Ph.D.

Faculty of Engineering, University of Pisa
Department of Energy and Systems Engineering
Largo Lucio Lazzarino 1
56122 Pisa
Email: tarun (punto) huria (chiocciola) for (punto) unipi (punto) it

Research Interests

Modelling, simulation and optimization of lithium battery energy storage systems, energy management algorithm for electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, hybrid-electric propulsion systems for road and rail applications.


PhD : Land Vehicles and Transport Systems, University of Pisa, 2012
MS : Information Technology, Punjab Technical University, 2004
Diploma: Mechanical Engineering, Indian Railways' Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, 1995

PhD Thesis

T Huria," Rechargeable lithium battery energy storage systems for vehicular applications", Department of Energy and Systems Engineering, University of Pisa, 2012


Journal Papers
T Huria, G Ludovici, G Lutzemberger, "State of charge estimation of high power lithium iron phosphate cells", Journal of Power Sources 249 (2014) 92-102.

Book Chapters
M Ceraolo, G Lutzemberger, T Huria, " Experimentally determined models for high-power lithium batteries", Advanced battery technology 2011, SAE International, ISBN:978-0-7680-4749-3.

International Conferences
T Huria, M Ceraolo, J Gazzarri, R Jackey, "Simplified Extended Kalman Filter Observer for SOC Estimation of Commercial Power-Oriented LFP Lithium Battery Cells, 2013 SAE World Congress, Detroit (MI), April 16 - 18, 2013

R Jackey, J Gazzarri, M Saginaw, P Sanghvi, T Huria, M Ceraolo, "Battery Model Parameter Estimation Using a Layered Technique: An Example Using a Lithium Iron Phosphate Cell, 2013 SAE World Congress, Detroit (MI), April 16 - 18, 2013

Francesco Vellucci, Giovanni Pede, Massimo Ceraolo, T Huria, "Electrification of off-road vehicles: examining the feasibility for the Italian market, 26th International Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS26), Los Angeles (CA), May 6 - 9, 2012

T Huria, M Ceraolo, J Gazzarri, R Jackey, "High Fidelity Electrical Model with Thermal Dependence for Characterization and Simulation of High Power Lithium Battery Cells", 2012 IEEE Electric Vehicle Conference, Greenville (SC), March 04-08, 2012

M Ceraolo, T Huria, G Pede, F Vellucci, "Lithium-ion Starting-Lighting-Ignition Batteries: Examining the Feasibility", 2011 IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference, Chicago (IL), 06-09 September 2011.

T Huria, G Lutzemberger, G Sanna, G Pede, "Systematic development of series-hybrid bus through modeling", 2010 IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference, Lilee (France), September 01-03, 2010.

T Huria, "Rail Traction: The economics of transiting towards Hybrid & Hydrail", The Sixth International Hydrail Conference, Istanbul, July 01-03, 2010